How Smoking Affects Teeth

Most of us know that smoking increases your risk for cancer and can negatively affect your health. However, the effects of smoking on your teeth are often overlooked. Smoking discolors your teeth, increases your risk for gum disease, causes bad breath, and can also cause oral cancer. Today, we want to discuss each of these… Read more

Should I Brush My Pet’s Teeth?

You can probably guess that it’s very important to brush your pet’s teeth. But why? And, more pressingly, how? Here are some helpful tips on brushing your pet’s teeth. Why Should You Brush Your Pet’s Teeth? First, let’s start with the why. Just as it’s vital for you to brush your teeth, it’s absolutely necessary… Read more

Why Nutrition Matters For Your Teeth

Having a healthy, balanced diet does good for the whole body, including your teeth! While it may not seem like what you eat has any effect on your oral health, the truth of the matter is: it does. Which nutrients are best for your smile? The Effects of a Bad Diet on Teeth You’ve probably… Read more

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’re not happy with your smile for whatever reason, don’t worry! There’s a cosmetic dental procedure out there for you. At North Richland Hills Dentistry, we offer an array of services including whitening, Invisalign®, fillings, and veneers. Here is an overview of the services we provide. In-Office Whitening Dreaming of a brighter smile? We… Read more

Should I Use Soft or Hard Toothbrushes?

In the toothbrush aisle, there are so many choices these days, from electric toothbrushes to hard and soft-bristled brushes. It’s no wonder you may be confused about which brush is right for you. We’ve broken down the things to consider when you’re choosing a bristle type to make this process a little easier. What Are… Read more

3 Tips for Managing Dental Anxiety

If you find yourself avoiding dental appointments because of dental anxiety, know that you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from dental anxiety that ranges from general unease in the dental chair to complete avoidance of the dentist. We don’t want you to avoid us, though! Your dental health is too important for that…. Read more

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