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3 Signs You May Have TMJ

January 16, 2023
woman holds her jaw in pain with TMJ disorder

TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, occurs when patients frequently clench their teeth, usually when they are asleep. Putting pressure on the teeth and jaws and straining the jaw muscles every night can lead to serious consequences, which is why we always recommend that patients visit our office for treatment as soon as they can. In this blog, we look at three signs you may have TMJ.

1. Jaw Pain, Stiffness, or Soreness

One of the most common TMJ symptoms is pain in and around the temporomandibular joint, which is the joint that connects the top of the jaw to the skull. This pain can spread to the ears and rest of the face, and even cause tension in the neck, shoulders, and back. If you often wake up to jaw pain, it’s likely that you were unconsciously clenching your jaw throughout the night.

2. Frequent Headaches

Headaches are a symptom of many different ailments and disorders, and patients who suffer from frequent headaches may find it very difficult to diagnose and treat the cause of their pain. If your headaches often occur in the morning after you wake up, it’s possible that they are being caused by the stress that is being put on your TMJ. If you get a lot of headaches and experience additional TMJ symptoms as well, it’s worth scheduling a visit with our team.

3. Jaw Clicking or Lockjaw

Excess pressure on the temporomandibular joint can lead to inflammation, which can cause additional issues aside from pain and soreness. Jaw clicking or popping is a key indicator that frequent jaw clenching is occurring. In severe cases, patients may have difficulty opening their mouths all the way and chewing food. These symptoms can have a great impact on a patient’s daily life as well as their physical and oral health.

TMJ Therapy at North Richland Hills Dentistry

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