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Why Tooth Pain Is a Dental Emergency

August 25, 2020

You may think that tooth pain will subside on its own over time. However, that pain you're experiencing indicates an underlying problem. And if you don't address the pain initially, the issue may continue to worsen and lead to a serious problem that's much more expensive, and possibly more invasive, to correct. At North Richland Hills Dentistry, serving North Richland Hills, TX and the surrounding area, we want to take a moment to educate you about the severity of tooth pain.

Pain From an Abscess

An abscess refers to an infection in your tooth. This infection stems from bacteria that reach the pulp of your tooth. The bacteria enters through a crack or chip in your tooth and works its way down to the portion of your tooth with nerve endings, hence the pain. If you don't treat an abscess, the infection from it has the potential to spread throughout your body.

Pain From Tooth Decay

That pain you're experiencing could mean you have tooth decay. While tooth decay is always treatable, it is much easier to stop in its early stages. If you don't receive treatment early, the decay will spread and eventually can result in infection and an abscess. Untreated decay can also enter the tooth pulp and require root canal therapy to save the tooth.

Pain From a Damaged or Missing Filling

Fillings are used to prevent tooth decay from spreading but they don't last forever. If you have a damaged or missing filling, exposed nerves can be very sensitive. Fillings should be replaced as soon as possible to protect the tooth from further decay.

Pain From a Damaged Tooth

If you have a damaged tooth, bacteria could invade through the crack or chip. Once this decay starts, it could lead to an abscess or your tooth's pulp dying completely. We will want to get your tooth restored with a filling or crown to prevent loss of the tooth.

Pain From a Gum Infection

Tooth pain isn't always a sign of a problem with your teeth. The problem can stem from an infection in your gums.
When you don't receive prompt care for this gum infection, your teeth and gums are both susceptible to problems. Unchecked gum disease can eventually result in lost teeth.

Tooth Pain Treatment at North Richland Hills Dentistry

Tooth pain may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it's often a tell-tale sign of a more serious problem lurking in your mouth. Schedule an appointment with North Richland Hills Dentistry before your tooth pain turns into a dental emergency! And if you are past that point and are in need of urgent relief from tooth pain then call us at 817-656-2945 for emergency care!

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