3 Brushing Techniques!

Brushing your teeth twice a day is an effective way to prevent decay or other unwanted dental developments. But are you brushing your teeth properly? Continue reading to review three brushing techniques that can benefit your teeth!

1. Bass or Sulcular Technique

The Bass technique uses toothbrush bristles to scrub off plaque near the gums. When performing this brushing technique, you’ll hold the toothbrush parallel to your teeth then tilt it at an angle to let the bristles reach slightly under the gumline. Firmly but gently brush in circular motions roughly 20 times before moving to the next section. Repeat this motion around the mouth until the entire mouth is complete. Then vertically turn the toothbrush to reach behind the front teeth, back molars, and tongue surface.

2. Stillman Technique

Similar to the Bass technique, you will angle the toothbrush towards the gum line. However, the bristles will be half on the gums and half on the tooth surface to perform short horizontal strokes to remove plaque from the gum line.

3. Charter Technique

The Charter brushing method is ideal for patients with spaces between their teeth, prostheses, or orthodontic appliances like braces. The brush’s bristles will still be at an angle, but the tip will be pointing towards the opposite end of the tooth, unlike the other brushing techniques, which point towards the gum line. Gently but firmly brush the area using circular strokes and move around each section of the mouth, including the tongue, to complete the Charter brushing technique.

Dental Care in North Richland Hills, Texas

Whether you use an electric or manual toothbrush, brushing daily with one of these techniques can help contribute to the success of your oral health. If you have concerns or aren’t happy with your oral health, contact our North Richland Hills Dentistry team. We provide comprehensive dental care for our patients so they can achieve healthy and bright smiles!

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Everything You Need To Know About Dental Fillings

If you get a cavity, a dental filling is the most common fix. What are fillings made from? Does the process hurt? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Are Fillings?

Dentists use materials like porcelain, composite resins, and even gold to make fillings. The material acts as a patch that fills in a dental cavity. Fillings prevent further decay, treat any pain, and strengthen your tooth. At North Richland Hills Dentistry we offer tooth-colored composite fillings. We like this restorative option because composite fillings are strong and they blend in with the rest of your smile.

What’s It Like To Get a Filling?

Once we’ve determined that you need a filling, we'll numb the area. Next, we'll remove the decay from your tooth. This keeps bacteria from spreading. The final step replaces the part of your tooth destroyed by decay with the composite filling. Most of the time, we can complete a filling in about an hour. If you have several cavities that need fillings, we might need more than one appointment. You won’t feel pain during the procedure, but your teeth might feel slightly sensitive for a short time afterward.

How Do You Care for a Filling?

Fillings don’t require any special care. Continue brushing, flossing, and coming in for regular cleanings and exams with Dr. Desai. Fillings can break down or crack, so you might need to replace yours at some point. Most fillings last for years before replacement is necessary. Prevent lost fillings and cracked teeth by avoiding hard or super chewy foods that can damage your teeth. If a filling falls out or breaks, it’s considered a dental emergency, so please give us a call!

Dental Fillings at North Richland Hills Dentistry in TX

Every cavity is different, so we’ll always assess the specific situation and discuss your options. We use dental fillings regularly, so we’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Regular preventive care exams allow us to detect cavities early while they're still small. Please contact us today if you want to learn more or if you want to book an appointment!

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Why Dental Cleanings & Exams Are Important

Life gets busy, so it’s easy to forget things like scheduling a dentist’s appointment every six months. If you don’t have any major oral health problems, you may wonder if it is still important to come in for a regular cleaning and exam. The answer is, "Yes it is!" and here are three main reasons.

Cleanings & Exams Prevent Tooth Decay

Cavities are a very common problem. To prevent them, you do most of the work at home by brushing and flossing every morning and evening. However, professional cleanings and exams are necessary, too. With special tools, we remove hardened plaque (known as tartar) from your teeth, which is something you can’t do at home. We also identify teeth that are at a higher risk of decay, so you can improve your brushing/flossing and prevent a cavity from forming.

We Diagnose Gum Disease

Many people get gum disease at some point in their lives. In its early stage when it is known as gingivitis you might not experience symptoms. When you keep up with regular check-ups, we diagnose and reverse gum disease before it starts bothering you. Most of the time, all you need to do is improve your oral hygiene at home. If the gum disease is more advanced, a deep cleaning gets your oral health back on track.

Cleanings & Exams Catch Other Problems, Too

Cavities and gum disease aren’t the only issues a dentist can identify. During every exam, we always check for signs of oral cancer. That includes things like swelling, mouth sores that won’t heal, lumps, and red or white patches. If we find anything unusual, we’ll let you know what we recommend next.

Preventive Dentistry at North Richland Hills Dentistry

Keeping up with cleanings and exams is an essential part of good health. Our goal is to keep your smile healthy by preventing stressful and more expensive oral health problems. Even if you have great habits at home, we recommend visits to our office every six months. Have questions or want to schedule a cleaning and exam with Dr. Desai and our team? Please contact us today.

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