IV Sedation Dentistry

While we love our jobs, we know that not everyone is as fond of the dental office. The trouble comes in when your fears or worries about treatment get in the way of you taking care of your health. Sedation dentistry is a way to overcome these anxieties so that you can experience stress-free visits and maintain a healthy smile.

At North Richland Hills Dentistry, we provide different sedation techniques, including IV sedation. If you’d like more information about whether sedation dentistry is right for you, contact our office.

Reasons to Consider Dental Sedation

There are plenty of different reasons why people choose dental sedation to help them get through their appointments. Here are some of the most common:

  • Fear of dental instruments
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Sensitive gag reflex
  • Past traumatic experiences at the dentist
  • Extensive dental work needed
  • Low tolerance for discomfort/pain
  • Trouble remaining still for an extended period of time

If you identify with one or more of the reasons we’ve mentioned, then we encourage you to consider dental sedation. It could be just what you need to finally enjoy a smooth, relaxing visit at the dentist.

How Dental IV Sedation Works

Dental IV sedation is also called intravenous sedation. With this method, we administer the sedation through an injection into your vein, and you’ll begin to feel its effects quickly. We’ll be able to control and adjust the amount of sedative that you receive.

While you will still remain awake, many patients find that they have little to no memory of the dental work that was done while they were under IV sedation because of the deep state of relaxation.

If you are getting this dental sedation technique, it’s important to have someone else drive you home after your appointment as you may feel a little groggy while the sedative wears off.

Sedation can make it easier to have a healthy smile!

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