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Dentures in North Richland Hills, TX

When you have missing teeth, it doesn't just affect your confidence in your smile. It can make simple activities feel difficult like chewing and speaking. Not to mention, it increases the chance of your existing teeth from shifting around into the open gaps, changing your bite or alignment.

To look after both the appearance and health of your smile, we can fit you with full or partial dentures depending on your needs. At North Richland Hills Dentistry, we prioritize a natural look and a comfortable fit when providing dentures to our patients.

full dentures

Full Dentures

Full dentures are also called complete dentures. These dentures are used whenever a person is missing all of their teeth. They have a plastic base that resembles the appearance of gum tissue along with a set of false (but natural-looking!) teeth. Full dentures stay in place by creating a seal with the gums.

full dentures

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures also combine a gum-colored base with false teeth, but these devices are held in place with a metal framework that attaches to the nearby natural teeth that still remain. Sometimes we need to place dental crowns on these nearby teeth to improve how the partial dentures fit.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Dentures range in cost based on what materials are used for their fabrication, how complex your case is, and whether any additional dental procedures are necessary for fitting them. Insurance plans also vary in how much they will cover dentures. That being said, they're considered more affordable than dental implants. We never want there to be any surprises when it comes to cost, so we always give our patients an accurate estimate after having a consultation and before beginning treatment!

North Richland Hills Dentistry offers many financial options to make getting dentures easier on your wallet. Our office accepts all dental PPOs, and for those without insurance, we offer the NRH Dental Savings Plan, which is an annual reduced-fee plan. We also have financing through CareCredit®, and in-house payment plans.

Restore confidence in your smile!

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