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Dental Implants in North Richland Hills, TX

Sometimes, life can take a toll on your smile. If you need to replace missing teeth, know that North Richland Hills Dentistry offers a popular solution — dental implants! Dental implants are a more permanent alternative that many patients think look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.

What Exactly Is Implant Dentistry?

Dental implant

Implant dentistry is replacing a tooth with an artificial tooth. The procedure is a two-step process. First, we’ll surgically place a post into the jawbone. This biocompatible post is the actual dental implant that essentially acts like the root of a tooth. Once that has healed and fused with the bone in a process called osseointegration, we can move on to the second phase. This is where we design and place the restoration, which is the part that looks like a real tooth. We make sure the size, shape, and color all match how your other teeth look so it’ll blend in for a natural appearance.

What Are the Benefits of Teeth Implants?

Choosing teeth implants has a number of great benefits. For starters, we bet you’ll find it easier to do daily activities like eating and speaking compared to what it was like with a space there. We also see patients enjoying a big boost in self-confidence because the appearance of their smile has improved.

Compared to other tooth replacement options like bridges or dentures, dental implants feel more comfortable and stable because they aren’t removable. That means you won’t have to worrying about taking them in and out, and won’t have to deal with slipping or messy adhesives. It really will resemble how natural teeth feel, and you can clean them just like you do your other teeth.

Dental implants also positively affect your health. When teeth are missing, it can result in jawbone deterioration, which can in turn cause your face to sag and make you look much older than you are. Having a tooth implant also stops your adjacent teeth from moving into the gap and negatively affecting your bite.

What Is the Cost of Dental Implants?

Each dental implant case is unique, which is why we can’t specify one generic price. We’ll have to bring you in so our dentist, Dr. Desai, can take a look at your situation and dental health and see which tooth needs replacing. At North Richland Hills Dentistry, we want everyone across Tarrant County to have a healthy smile, so we strive to make dental implants as affordable as possible. If you are concerned with treatment costs, please let us know so we can help. Our practice has several flexible financial options, including financing through CareCredit, Compassionate Finance, and in-house payment plans. We also have our own savings plan that you can join to get a 20% discount on dental care.

Don’t let missing teeth get you down!

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